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A good friend/sponsor is gone

 I think a lot of u remember my main sponsor Topdekk from 2007/08, he also was a good friend of mine and for a time we were bestfriends until we had a fight and didnt talk since then. About a year later i got a phonecall that he had been in a acident and died along with a friend.

  Just earlier that same day his wife gave birth to there daughter and i cant even think about how this situasjon effekts her life and the 2 other daughter he has. Marcus was a guy who loved cars and driving  and this day he had some fun driving in Arendal and it went wrong.. it wasn`t the crash that caused the death but tooles and stuff in the car and this is something everybody that love driving have to think about. NEVER have things or tooles in the car and dont take a second for granted and dont be stubbern with people u care about to hold on too ur oun ego, this i have learned.

RIP  Marcus


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